Pushing up People 2013

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A classic revised and updated by Art Williams!

Art Williams had a gift. He knew that to win not just one game for his high school team, but begin a legacy of winning, he had to work with the only assets available - his team.

Art had learned from the other mentoring coaches in his life that winning had far more to do with what was in the heart of his players and their “will to win”, than what they looked like, where they came from. Focusing on the hearts absolutely built winning teams, and garnered two “Georgia Coach of Year” awards.

From these simple yet powerful principles, Art Williams went on to build a company that

changed the face of one of the largest industries in the world...the life insurance industry. By applying the philosophy of “Pushing Up People”, a group of 85 former teachers, policeman, fireman, and coaches, built a company of 200,000 strong and literally changed forever the lives of countless families.

So Now.... A step-by-step guide to the “people management” concepts behind one of the greatest success stories in American business.

You’ll Learn...

-Why victory doesn’t always go to the smartest people.

-The three things people want most from their job.

-Four kinds of “failure fears” and how to guard against them

-The power of the “little bit more” principle

-The magic of 90 days

-The Three little words that house the most important leadership principle

-Why winners are made not born.

-The biggest obstacle to keeping success once you make it

-Why you owe it to yourself, and your business to try “Pushing Up People”

You will receive two files. One is for most tablets (eBook Edition) and one for the Amazon Kindle reader (Kindle edition).


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Pushing up People 2013

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